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       The NON ADDICTED STUDENTS AND PROFESSORS ASSOCIATION (NASPA India) is founded by various collegiate students in Nagpur. This association is working on basis of prevention and attention ground for non addicted students and professors from all the colleges/institutes./Universities of India i.e. 'NASPA'. NASPA was introduced in the year of 2014 the eve of valentine day i.e. 14/2/14.

        The main aim of this association is to gather and protect students & professors who are free from habits of smoking, drinking, Chewing tobacco and other dangerous addictions.

        The founder members of our association are not having political, commercial or social background. We are not having any special feature except the love to the affected persons. This association is based on the principle of love to the common human being. The NASPA will celebrate its birthday on every year in valentine day.

        NASPA not only speaks about youth strength but also speaks about love, mercy and loving kindness. Instead of correction and negative attitude this association believes in protection. It wants to save the rest of India with the intention of loving and caring. NASPA identifies the motto

"we save them who are saved"

        NASPA comes in the picture with the background of pain, depression and deception. It is created by pain and hurt but it is ocean of love spreading its message through the waves of love. The people involved in addiction, casteism, old traditions, superstitions. Those waves of love may touch the hard heartened people.

        The culture of NASPA indentifies that there will no partiality. This is one of the styles of NASPA which will recognize as herbal. NASPA will raise their voice for the protection and honor. It will try its level best for the importance and benefits in the political level.
       From Principal to Prime Minister, this association will request for their protection. Those who will stand in the criteria of NASPA will be awarded with prizes and certificates.

Dr. Omkumar Tompe

President, NASPA